NOTICE!!!!!!!     ProFx and ProFxt owners  August 2020

If you have noticed that your feet and lower legs seem to get warm after riding in the utv for a while I may have a couple of solutions to help.  What happens is the hot air from the radiator gets blown back toward the passenger area. Both fixes below should take about 5 minutes and are easily reversible to go back to stock.

Fix #1:  Go in above the left front tire and you should see a single silver phillips head screw holding a plastic panel against the frame.  Remove the screw so you can push the panel forward enough to allow you to take a yardstick and push a folded up towel across to the other side.  When you have positioned the towel correctly it should reduce the amount of hot air that can get to the passenger area.  Reinstall the screw and you are done.  If you want the heat in the cold weather simply remove the towel and you are back where you started. 

Fix #2:  This involves installing a fan jumper wire I have developed.  Available for $30. Go in above the right front wheel and above the upper shock mount you will be able to feel a connector that goes to the fan.  Unplug the connector and install my jumper connector and tuck or tie it up out of the way so it doesn't hit the shock.  This will reverse the direction of the fan so it blows forward rather than back toward the passenger area.  A potential extra benefit of this fan direction change is for users that have a problem plugging their radiator with seeds.  Typically the seeds come in from the front and then are sucked deeper into the fins by the fan until the radiator becomes plugged.  By reversing the fan I believe this may blow the seeds back out before they totally plug the fins.  I have installed about 20 jumper wires as this is written.  Several customers have commented that it is much cooler now when the fan comes on.  I did have one customer had an issue where he could hear the coolant boiling out of the reservoir tank after having run several miles down the road  about 30mph.  He disconnected the jumper and did not have any more issues.  When he brought the utv back in for service we found the radiator fins were plugged.  He had been using this utv in pastures and had plugged the radiator before the jumper had been installed. After cleaning the fins we reinstalled the jumper.  I will update this if I hear of any other issues.