Doug's Cycle shop opened it's doors in 1978. 
If we sold it we will service it. We specialize in Kawasaki ATV and UTV, and Husqvarna handheld repairs.  We also perform most repairs on other major brands.  We will not service off brand machines made in China or install parts purchased from internet sellers.  We find the materials are often substandard and finding the correct part is often a crapshoot.

If you have an old Kawasaki motorcycle from the sixties through eighties we purchased parts stock from a number of dealers that went out of business.  We have many parts which are no longer available from Kawasaki.

You have plenty of options of where to spend your money.  We got in this business because of a passion for powersports.  We don't play games to trick you into thinking we will always have the lowest price around but we do strive to be fair.  Maybe you have experienced some things we  see from some of our low price competitiors.  Bait & switch, hidden charges, lower quality products etc...  We are not mind readers if you are ever unhappy with our service let us know so we have the oppurtunity to make corrections.